Why don't REAL feminists exist anymore?

I've always noticed these fake feminists pretend to be feminist but they're not. Feminists was about having the right to vote like men and work like men back in the 1920s and 30s & having equal rights as men. (I REPEAT EQUAL RIGHTS) Nowadays is about only bashing down men to the point of committing suicide and they laugh about on social media. Now tell me how is that have anything to do with legit woman's rights, cuz it feels like women only want the right to demonize men for being a man. An that's why when these fake feminists do come out to help & care more about helping women instead of belittling men in physical and verbal brutality. My question for all of feminists are why are you faking out to be a feminist when clearly you are not in the first place?
Why dont REAL feminists exist anymore?
Why don't REAL feminists exist anymore?
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