New system for electing President: Suggestion. What do you think?

I don't think the popular vote should be used to elect Presidents or Senators at all.

I think Presidents should be appointed by 2/3rd majority vote of the combined Senate and House of Representatives, and Senators should get two votes each in this process. This would ensure they'd appoint someone based on merits and leadership principles, not party politics.

Similar, I don't think States Governors or Senators should be elected by popular vote either. State senators should be elected by parish/county presidents, and state Governors should be elected by the state legislature, with Senators getting tow votes again, and again they'd required a 2/3rds majority to agree on who to appointed. This is called a "Coalition Government" and hopefully it produces a more successful candidate than the crap popularity contests we currently have for elections.

This would save an enormous amount of time and money on campaigns.

Further, I think the "popular vote" needs to be abolished for ALL purposes, and replaced with a "qualified vvote".

YOu should be required to be 50 years old and have an I. Q. of 105 or above, and no criminal record, in order to be allowed to vote. You could then have this QUALIFIED vote for representatives and for laws requring the people, but don't let career criminals vote, and don't let young people vote, and sure as heck don't let stupid people and fools vote.

Supreme Court Justices should be removed from office, and the Supreme Court should be abolished. The Senate should have full Judicial power and full Legislative power. The body that writes the law should interpret the law, and I also forgot, you should be required to have a relevant 5 years college degree in Law or Economics or MOral Philosophy to be a Senator, Representative, Governor, President, or Judge, etc. This bit of electing people to major offices who don't meet rational qualifications is simply wrong and ridiculous.
New system for electing President: Suggestion. What do you think?
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