I had a fight with my boyfriend because of?

So I was telling my boyfriend that his roommate is a loser for not going to school and suddenly my boyfriend got really mad he called me liberal bitch and also said that I have no empathy for people only because I said that going to school is important. He himself went to school so I do not understand he says that aí am blessed for going to school. But I think besides blessed I also fought for it I am Brazilian and poor I learned another language and came here for my PhD I had to really study. While here in US so many people have the money but have not desire in going to school and for me the only way to explain that is saying that they are “lazy” they don’t know what is to be poor and because of that my boyfriend got super disrespectful just because I offended his friend that became his friend much later than me anyway I am mad I feel that he have no respect.
I had a fight with my boyfriend because of?
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