Why does the Corrupt U. S. government legalize highly dangerous and immoral vices, even knowing scientifically the harm they cause?

I'm mostly going to be referring to marijuana, but it's everything: Cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, marijuana, the damage caused by these vices greatly outweighs any tax benefit the government might gain by legalizing and "sin taxing" these vices.

Of course we know cigarettes cause COPD and several types of Cancer, and Alcohol causes both brain damage and liver damage, and Gambling causes poverty, and even Marijuana causes cancer, COPD and a -7 to -15 penalty to the smoker's I. Q. in just one year of smoking 1 to 2 joints per week, based on double-controlled human trials.

So why on Earth would the State's Governments "Legalize" Marijuana knowing all these things, and knowing increased tax dollars can never pay for the harm they cause? Besides, State and Local governments do not even have the Constituitional power to legalize Marijuana, that's a Federal power delgated to the FDA and ATF (I think). Marijuana is currently still federally banned, even though the last several Senate cycles and the last several Presidents have not enforced these Federal laws, because they are corrupt too. They'd rather take in a few extra tax dollars, even if it means an entire generation gets brain cancer and has their average I. Q. lowered by 7 to 15 points over the first year smoking it, NOT COUNTING the fact that 5 to 10% of people hwo smoke Marijuana experience Anger and Psychosis and risk committing violent crimes while under the influence of the drug... and it is a DRUG, not "Medication". Evertyhing you ALLEGEDLY can treat with Marijuana is already better treated with a professionally designed medication that has no major negative side-effects.

Just because a substance exists does NOT mean God created it for human consumption.

It's like something my parents used to tell my brother every tim he wanted to do something STUPID...

Him: "Well 'everybody' is doing that..."

Parents: "If everyone wants to jump off a bridge would you do that too?"
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I'm never going to support these vices, even if every other person alive supports them. I'm going to advocate for a full ban on all four of these vices, and if half the people break the law, you arrest and fine half the population if necessary. A righteous government doesn't legalize evil vices, even if a majority of the population demands the evil vice to be legalized. The PRIMARY reason Governmetns exist is because the general population is EVIL and needs to be governed by the righteous.
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So we need a rational government with a MORAL REQUIREMENT to ban evil vices: abortion, gambling, cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana. Again, a righteous government doesn't legalize vices just because a majoirty of EVIL people want to leglaize it. The Declarartion of Independence says we get our Rights and Laws from GOD, and so man-made Law should agree with Objective Moral Reason, NOT the popular vote, which is why President used to be by Senate vote, not electoral college or popularity contest.
Why does the Corrupt U. S. government legalize highly dangerous and immoral vices, even knowing scientifically the harm they cause?
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