Why is it seen as a bad things to make jokes about yourself?

Im always making jokes towards myself and people tell im too mean to myself when i do this.

I will amit i do have low self worth and constantly doubt myself. I was bullied badly growing up so i kinda see making jokes about myself as a coping mechanism like fat Amy in pitch prefect. I'll call myself out on stuff i know others are thinking about me and saying behind my back so it takes power away from it, if someone was to call me fat or stupid id just be like yeah i know.

All my close ones have recently been getting really upset with me about it and started telling me its not funny anymore but i don't see the harm personally when it's towards myself and im not feeling any hurt from it. It's better than lying to myself and thinking im great when im not.

For example my stisters were watching a wildlife programme the other day and i walked in and saw a baby hipo swimming on the tv and said "your not watching videos of me swimming on holiday again are you?" 😂. My whole family didn't find it funny and said i was too mean to myself.

But the thing is my middle stister and dad are always making jokes but im stupid and fat and no one ever tells them off. I wanted to buy myself a new top the other day and my dad said "it will probably be out of fashion by time it fits you" and that was actually really hurtful coming from my dad even though he's a fat bastard himself and we don't really get on great. Id much rather make jokes about myself then others.
Why is it seen as a bad things to make jokes about yourself?
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