Should we really be honoring Justice Ginsburg?

For whatever reason, Ginsburg made it to the top of U. S. Leadership and the Bible tells us as Christians to pray for our leaders, even if we disagree with them. She did make some great accomplishments in regards to women's rights. However, she also condoned the murders of innocent babies by fighting to uphold abortion. She championed gun laws that left many people vulnerable to criminals and law enforcement officers (fine officers who knew the laws were bullshit but were honor bound to uphold in the hopes that our nation will wake up and see these laws for the failures they were). There is much more I do not know about Ginsburg, but her violations against the 2nd amendment and her decision to allow the elimination of innocent lives instead of defending them sours her legacy. Again, even with these major mistakes, the Bible teaches us not to judge because nobody is without sin. For all we know, maybe she got the chance to repent from her evil ways on her deathbed and may be with Jesus now. All we have to go on are her voting record and how the principles of the Bible teach us as Christ followers to act. While I bare no ill will against Ginsburg, I do NOT believe she should be celebrated because she did greater evil than good. Hopefully the next justice can help correct some of the evil unleashed by Ginsburg.
Should we really be honoring Justice Ginsburg?
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