Would you consider democrat voters to be patriots?

What exactly is a Patriot, well that has many interpretations but it does not include burning or destroying your country like how the democrat establishment watches as the cities burn down.

I have always wondered if the Democrats and their voter base all support the looting, burning and violence's towards others as a freedom of expression then where do you draw the line when it starts affecting business and peoples work.

From what I have seen from democrat leaders and their voters is that they hate the country they are in, they would rather see it be torn down into pieces even if it costs them their lives. With the policies they bring up are always about other people in other countries never about the American people. It's always about the Muslims, the black's, the illegal migrants. Never about what's best for the American people. It's like a democrat could care less for an American Citizen.
Would you consider democrat voters to be patriots?
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