Would a white person have "white privalege" if he went to the Congo or Nigeria?

Well since a lot of the violence died down in the mid-2000s, Sub Saharan Africa has been developing quite quickly with an average growth rate of 6.2% (versus the global of 3.7%) in 2017. And the Democratic Republic of Congo was in the top 10 fastest growing economy. And remember Rwanda where shit hit the fan in 1994? Well it's rapidly becoming the "second Singapore".
Rwandas capital city Kigali
Rwanda's capital city Kigali
But with rapidly developing economies, often times the education system can't keep up and there is a huge demand for highly educated individuals from other countries (especially seeing as how they wouldn't have had to pay for their education) so I'm pretty sure that people in Africa would be pretty happy about the economic boost well trained/educated workers coming into their country would have. So odds are they wouldn't (as some on G@G claim) "cut your hands off" or "eat you" for being white. And such education would be in part due to the individual in questions' white privilege.
So would a person from America have white privilege in Africa? Probably not as much as they have in the US but more than these reactionary dipshits would have you believe.
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BLM opponents try to dismiss claims of white privilege by asking if a white person would have it if they went to Africa. As we can see even their Red Herring can't hold water.
Would a white person have "white privalege" if he went to the Congo or Nigeria?
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