Who thinks first Debate was a wash?

Both missed chances of scoring points. Both interrupted the other. Biden called Trump names like a little kid. Trump personally attacked Biden too much. True what he said about his sons were true but he went a little too hard and aggressive doing it. Biden did mess up numbers once. He also denied his son got a dishonorable discharge with drugs, then said he had a drug problem. Biden also said he said police departments should be defunded and then said he didn't during debate. Trump would have clearly won if he would have personally not attack as much and he should have allowed Biden to keep talking. The more he talks , the more mistakes he makes. Neither beat the other. Even I would have to say there really were no winners. It was an actual debate though.
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I thought Biden got a break from Trump by not letting him speak more. I think Biden lied a lot and people knew he lied. I think he looked less Presidential by calling Trump a liar and a clown. I thought Trump looked less presidential and impatient by interrupting too often. I also thought Trump missed some opportunities with not stating some of the things he has done well. So, a tie or draw on this one.
Who thinks first Debate was a wash?
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