Do you think the left contradict themselves when it comes to trans kids?

I was watching a documentary on trans kid a couple days ago and it genuinely scared me. I think the decision to become trans is something you should decide once your a grown adult not a child. They were even putting these kids of puberty blockers.

The parents of these children tend to be the ones who also believe gender isn't a thing and that they should raise their child gender neutral yet once their child starts dressing or playing like the opposite gender they must want to be that gender.
Children can't even decide what they want for dinner let alone what gender they want to be and for puberty blockers and even people trying to get their children to have their gentiles changed. Why? Most Children don't understand puberty nore do they know anything about gender reassignment, surely someone who was grown up enough to know about it told them and i think these people need stop sexualizeing children and just let them be children.

Speaking as someone who had a pretty gender neutral childhood (not deliberately) just the fact i had big brothers too so we'd all just play with each others toys. I was always a real big girly girl and loved princess but my two older sisters love play fighting, sports and wearing track suits and hated pink and all things girly. They'd even get mistaken for boys because mum made use all have are hair cut short so we didn't get nits from school.

My stisters loved being tomboys but i feel like that term "tomboy" might even be classed as offensive soon. Now there both grown women and have boyfriends and love shopping and looking glamorous.

Children grow up and go through phases. There constantly changing there minds on what they like and don't like doesn't mean there trans, just means there processing new things like children naturally do.
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a lot of people make the argument but these children end up trying to kill themselves and get depression when they can't be the gender they want. Im sorry but if you're child is trying to kill themselves and has mental health problems you should be focusing on why that is rather than trying to change there gender
Do you think the left contradict themselves when it comes to trans kids?
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