Do you believe there will be a Civil war in America?

If there would be it would be a race war mostly. Crimes have tripled, kids shot point blank and almost all of them ate black against white, but it's never said in the news otherwise they will get hate. Police are being harrassed now for simply pulling people over for speeding, and anarchists say they want a civil war. It doesn't matter who win it will be hell. If trump wins there will be a civil war. If biden wins the law enforcement and innocent people will be hunted down and killed and biden won't do anything about it because he wants lawlessness. Either way. America is going to war with itself and people hate traditional freedom and equality opportunity. Now people want free stuff, controlled by the government, and equality outcome.

I'm not on either side, but I'm scared for my life. It's a horrible time and I nearly throw up every day from the stress. Not only that but more people hate religious people. It scares me.
Do you believe there will be a Civil war in America?
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