If you are voting for Biden what are your reasons besides hating Trump?

I have yet to meet a Biden voter who has given a legitimate reason for voting for him besides hating Trump.

It looks like Biden is going to win and his policy scares the hell out of me. I’m not talking about him personally but what his radical will dictate to him.

This is what we get too look forward too if Biden wins:
  • Much higher taxes
  • Slow economic recovery and possible recession
  • Weakened foreign policy
  • Embolden democratic governors pushing more lockdowns
  • Embolden extremely partisan mass media (who claim to be objective journalism). They are literally leftist propagandist communications for democrats now
  • Insane radical liberal policies such as reparations and AOC’s green new deal actually being taken seriously.
  • More anarchy and riots. Biden doesn’t support law enforcement and won’t denounce Antifa.
I’m not making any excuses for Trump’s behavior. Please do not waste keyboard strokes ranting about him. He is literally TRYING to lose this election. He has gone absolutely egocentric insane in the last few weeks to the point of making we want to vomit.

Trump’s behavior has completely taken off all media attention on Biden. It’s making no one think straight because people should be looking at POLICY not personality. But most people are too emotionally driven to make decisions on logical thought.

So don’t rant about Trump’s behavior. It’s getting old. However I would like to know any OTHER reason you are voting for Biden.
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As what I suspected this all referendum on Trump for most of you (not all but too many).

I really wish people and the mental capacity to look at what these policies will do to your very existence. If Biden gets in many of his voters might end up losing their livelihoods through more unemployment given his policy of being anti-capitalism (yes capitalism creates jobs you commie dummies) and being pro lockdown. Kamala Harris keeps saying “well we will tax corporations”. Corporations who get
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hard by onerous tax rates have to lay people off and even go out of business. A “corporation” is not a f*cking sentient person but a file folder of a legal agreement to conduct business.

But maybe some of you really want communism. That’s whole another topic but I guarantee you it will ultimately lower the quality of life for everybody except for those running it.
If you are voting for Biden what are your reasons besides hating Trump?
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