Which statement holds more water?

Neither statements have much merit in my opinion. While both were undoubtedly a big part of Americas' history, what made the U. S. the country with the greatest standard of living on Earth was the government (the people acting as big us for those who like to refer people who support social security as advocates of the "nanny state") restricting corporate power and giving it back to the people. But after WWII the corporate elites slowly but steadily used the threat of communism to regain the control they lost which is why the US lags behind many other first world countries in terms of our standard of living.

And conservatives complain about how the left wants to "re write US history" when they've been pushing the same BS narrative for the past 70 years. HA!
America was made great through unregulated free enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit of people who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps
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America was made great by a racist system of theft and slavery
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Which statement holds more water?
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