Why bad people get away with they're doing? should I let them get away with it?

So, this is what happened.
There's this community "park" which looks more of a garden to me (it's tiny) where everybody can go. It was recently fenced and locked with key, to not let dogs in. (by the way, you can give money to make a change in the park, yet your petition has to have signs supporting the petition and is really hard that it gets accepted). And even if you jump the fence, with your dogs, old ladies will scream at you to keep the dogs out. Although in the rules, dogs are permited to go in there. (although they put the fence, the rules never changed and there wasn't a new sign or anything). Last time, there was a lady with a (I don't remember what it's called, but it gives you electric shocks) threatning dog owners to stay away. We called the cops, but didn't do anything

In the rules there's a rule that says "children/people cannot climb the trees, destroy the park's grass, bushes, leave trash, etc.", yet the park is a mess with trash, dirt all over the place. Some days ago, a kid fell from a tree and the parents demanded to close the park, and won. It will be closed because of that "accident".

I really got angry because, they're not letting people take the dogs there (although it's permited), and instead of the kid getting reprehended, the park is closing. It was one of the few parks that allowed dogs. Now I'll have to drive to take my dog to another park that is more far away.

So after all that I thought, well it isn't the only time people have gotten away with their bad actions. Many other places same things might have had happened. But, should I really let them do it? I've told kids before to not climb the trees because of the rules and I've been yelled at by their parents. Should I act like I never saw it, or is it not my battle although it's affecting me?

Please give me your opinion.
Why bad people get away with they're doing? should I let them get away with it?
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