How do you feel about Amy Comey Barrett?

Amy Comey Barrett refuses to publically acknowledge climate change and "forgot" that the first amendment grants the right to protest.

On the topic of the first amendment, many states are trying to introduce anti-protest laws so this feels like an indication that the constitutionality of protests will be called into question if Trump is re-elected.

Preferably, please let me know which party you support and what religion you follow, I ask this because I wonder how answers will vary among different groups. I am a far left, Canadian athiest who will probably vote Green party in the next election. I am relatively center on some issues such as police reform, but socially I am far left and think that we need to reform our social programs to he better for the people and simultaneously more efficient at not wasting tax dollars.

I'd especially like to know how American republicans feel about this, because I've heard many of them saying bad things about the protests, but also I'm certain that they want to be allowed to protest if Biden wins the election and starts packing the supreme court.
How do you feel about Amy Comey Barrett?
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