Who’s over this virus?

I don’t think people realize the ramifications of isolating people, taking away their jobs, and shutting down an entire economy.

So my cousin who was 33 years old, recently died. He was a functional and secret alcoholic as we learned after his death. He was dealing with severe depression the last couple years. He was doing much better with therapy until he lost his job and was forced to isolate himself entirely for months. He died of liver failure and we found 20 bottles of to-go vodka bottles in his room. We were lied to and told it was COVID initially, While I realize that he is responsible for his own actions, I truly believe he would have been alive today had he not been forced to isolate for months and lost his job.

This virus has a 99% survival rate for anyone under 70. The suicide rate and depression rate is rising at an exponential level. My sister has drank the kool aid and has lost almost all of her friends because she refuses to go outside and be with them during important times in their life. Now she’s going crazy at home isolating herself. She also lost her job because they shut everything down.

This is absolutely absurd in my opinion, and I’m leaving the state of CA because of it. I’m honestly sick of the irrationality of people at this point. I’m going to continue to live my life. Im going to socialize. I’m done with all the bullshit.
Who’s over this virus?
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