Should universal health care be free for everyone?

I think it should if everyone has the right to life then everyone should at least have the right to take care of that life with decent health care
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1 mo
It's a theoretical question here, people one one is talking about how terrifying it would be for the economy... even though if the economy was managed better we could all have better lives but yah, not the point. I just wanted to know if people thought everyone deserves good healthcare without being in extreme amounts of debt (for literally wanting to live)
1 mo
One, I wasn't speaking to just Americans with this question. Two, if you reply with something racist I will block you and delete your comment and three if you start with that whole 'ooo the crazy comms always wanting to have everything free'. I won't block you I'll just ignore you cuz jeez a lot of public opinions from private accounts... I never realized people didn't care about others that much
Should universal health care be free for everyone?
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