Is this harassment?

Dustin is 13 years old. Milo is 14, deaf, and desperate for friends. The loneiness he feels at school is killing him. When Dustin started talking to him and learning how to sign, Milo nearly cried because he was so happy and did whatever he could to make Dustin happy. One day Dustin confessed to Milo that he likes him and tried to hold his hand. Milo refused. Dustin says that people hold hands all the time, it's completely normal, just for a little while, Milo shook his head no but once he saw Dustin was clearly upset, he held his hand anyway. At school, while walking home, and basically whenever Dustin wanted because he was afaird of upsetting him and being friendless again.
Yes, Dustin is harassing Milo
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Is this harassment?
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