Should Liberal women be allowed to become mothers?

Read this interview:

"I’m scared of having a son too... I’ve known far too many white men who move through the world unaware of their privilege, and I’ve been traumatized by many of my experiences with them.

My friend who is the mother to a three-year-old boy tells me that she didn’t think she cared about gender until her doctor broke the news that she was having a son. She burst into tears in her office. “And then I continued to cry for a whole month,” she says matter-of-factly.

After a difficult birth experience, she developed postpartum depression and decided that she resented her husband more than she’d ever imagined possible. She told me she particularly hated—and she made an actual, physical list that she kept in her journal, editing it daily—how peacefully he slept. “There is nothing worse than the undisturbed sleep of a white man in a patriarchal world.” She shakes her head. “It was hard to come to terms with the fact that I was bringing yet another white man into the world."

After reading that interview, can we all agree that Liberals shouldn't be allowed to procreate? Being raised by a Liberal parent sounds like... child abuse! I mean, when Libs aren't fetishizing mixed race children, or using them as trophies to make their Instagram stand out, they're bashing their own sons!

Don't have any children, Libs. On behalf of the human species, thank you!
Should Liberal women be allowed to become mothers?
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