Should I run for president?

I have a few things Id like to change about our country.
1. Ending the obesity epidemic. There is no liberal solution to this, there is nothing more to add to a problem of too much; we must revoke and replace our ways of life.
a. Schools will have PE as the first period of every curriculum and will be 2 hours long (including locker room time). Students in good standing can choose to use this time for study hall, slackers will face remediation.
b. Gym memberships will be tax deductible as long as theyre less than $100 a month. Public transportation will also be subsidized for routes to gyms.
c. People diagnosed with (morbid) obesity by their doctors will not be eligible for government assistance programs, much like selective service dodgers.
d. Federal sports centers will be built. These will create jobs and make gyms more accessible in rural areas. They will have camera setups for security and online sport streaming to create a new national ameture sports league which private betting companies can sponsor if their states allow.

2. Establishing female equality
a. During our normal election cycle we will democratically elect 2 Presidents, 1 male and 1 female. These positions cannot be occupied be the same political party and have the same term limits.
b. The presidents have the same amount of power and must cooperatively make decisions. If a decision cannot be reached on executive matters, it will be decided by majority vote by citizens. Decisions made by majority vote cannot be vetoed except by 2/3s congress majority.
c. Matters of sexual nature from any branch of government will ultimately answer to the president of the specific sex, and the leaders of those branches will be appointed by that president. Eg; roe v wade, the female president would choose the justices for such a case, whereas selective service would be handled by the male president.
Should I run for president?
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