According to Dems, msm and social media giants, Trump lies about covid?

Update from CDC -
Of the 220,000 deaths reported as due to COVID, the actual cause was:
88,208 - pneumonia & influenza
17, 799 - chronic respiratory disease
26, 365 - respiratory distress synd.
44, 261 - hypertensive disease
23, 275 - heart disease
28, 000 - cardiac arrest
6892 - other cardiac, renal, cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, sepsis, cancer, obesity & dementia.

Only 6% (13,200) of those who were reported as dying from COVID ACTUALLY died from COVID. 130k of total deaths were patients who already had life ending diseases.
More than 10k of the 13,200 who died from COVID were already on Hospice care. Doctors speculate these patients were critically ill & likely died from a preexisting condition.

The CARES Act, passed by Congress, gives hospitals a 20% bonus on their diagnosis related group, paid for by Medicare.
Doctors are being paid to list deaths as COVID without ANY indication the patient's death was COVID related. Around 3,000 have actually died from COVID alone. This report has been officially published by the CDC!!!

CDC back pedals after being sued.
Bill Gates and the vaccine companies tell the CDC what to say. Then the people call them on it and they tell the truth, ... for a while. Why is college drop out, non medical Bill Gates being allowed to dictate policy?
27 d
More than 16,000 scientists and doctors disagree with the WHO and CDC.
27 d
More and more honest doctors and medical experts are risking the wrath of big pharma, Bill Gates, Silicon Valley giants and msm to speak the truth. Responses to this covid thing have been madness. And to continue the madness is crime against humanity.
According to Dems, msm and social media giants, Trump lies about covid?
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