What actions will Trump take after he loses the election but before Jan 20 ?

Waahhh! They wont do as I say anymore! Waaah!
Waahhh! They won't do as I say anymore! Waaah!
There is almost 2 1/2 months Trump will be in office as a lame duck. We've had partisan changes of Administration before but never one with the loser such a petulant child. (His Personality Disorder is "Malignant Narcissist"). Angry at the rejection, facing huge loans coming due with a lack of a way to pay them, fearful of prosecution on both Federal and State levels (he cannot pardon himself of state crimes, if he even CAN pardon himself) he is likely to seek revenge on his victorious opponents and the nation that repudiated him. How will it play out? Please explain your selection.
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He will attempt to use his stacked Court to award him the election despite the vote
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He will claim the result is invalid, refuse to leave and attempt to use the Military to quell opposition
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He will fly to Russia, Saudia Arabia, North Korea or any nation which would not extradite him to avoid prosecution
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He will engage in sabatoge in revenge on a nation that humiliated him, deliberately tanking the economy, stirring up civil unrest, possibly even ordering military attacks so as to leave Biden a crisis
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He will try to work a deal by threatening the above but agree not to in exchange for an agreement by the Feds and New York not to prosecute him as well as tax forgieness and a bounty he can use to pay off his gargantuan debts
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order a nuclear attack on Iran or a massive invasion of Venzuala or Cuba to leave a large military mess for Biden
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Order the arrest and mass incarceration in camps of all undocumented aliens in the nation and possibly even reviving his policy of separating children from parents
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What actions will Trump take after he loses the election but before Jan 20 ?
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