Do lawyers side with the law or their client?

Hello, I made a mistake and I need reassurance on the problem I made

Me and my family are getting our visas ready to fly to America using a reunion Visa because my grandfather has an American nationality, the papers are currently in the work

Though my grandfather, who currently lives in my country passed away this morning

I sent an email to our immigration lawyer telling her that he died, and asking her if this is going to affect our chances of being able to fly to America

Later on I read on the website that yes, if he dies then we're all not gonna be able to go

Did I just make a huge mistake telling my immigration lawyer about this? America has no proof at all of him being deceased, it's local information in my country, and America never requests documentation of him being currently alive.
Or is the lawyer going to safely ignore this so she gets our procedure across anyway?
Do lawyers side with the law or their client?
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