Do you ever use the “write-in” when voting?

I never had before, but if there's a third party candidate that I like and they had not already been on the ballot in my state, I’d be tempted to write in their name in.
#FeelFreeToList #ElectionDay
Do you ever use the “write-in” when voting?
Yes i have done write-ins
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No i have not done write-ins
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26 d
My “government” job is fulla shit. They send an email telling us to vote and then just added mandatory OT so that we can't have time to go vote before it closes. Whatever, ig they knew both candidates were crooked anyways
25 d
Took a days worth of begging but theyre actually gonna let me off early to “go vote”. Lmao i just wanted to get off work early
Do you ever use the “write-in” when voting?
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