So it is election day , will you make the right decision?

You can believe the lies made by media or vote the right way. Your choice us simple. Vote to keep country free and have choices with Trump or vote for Socialism and so what they tell you to do by voting Biden.

Mob rule (Biden ) or Law and Order (Trump)

Free Economy where you can become wealthy (Trump) or Socialism and get enough to get by. with Biden.

Get Covid with Trump or get it with Biden thanks to China.

Let China run American Economy with Biden or Keep Americans running America with Trump.

Have Security and Police with Trump or let your mother , daughter, wife get raped by mobs with Biden

Guns for protection with Trump or no Guns for protection and crime with Biden.

Jobs with Trump or no jobs with Biden

Voting for Biden is not going to stop Covid , you will still end up getting it. You will have so many restrictions with Biden , you won't be able to do anything. You will end up miserable. No future. Just stuck where you are now. The National debt will keep climbing until the system crashes. Once you have Socialism , there is no going back to the way it was.

So even if you don't like Trump personally, it doesn't mean he is wrong on how America works. You will always have division. If Biden wins , do you think the other side is going to change? They hate the left and the left hates the right.

So , really consider who you are voting for and what will happen.
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Trump won Virginia , they screwed that up
So it is election day , will you make the right decision?
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