Does anyone on the left want to defend Trevor Noah now?

OlderAndWiser u
Trevor Noah is an arrogant, condescending young man who is NEVER wrong and feels justified in extreme name calling whenever he disagrees with someone. In a recent example of his immaturity, he posted a tweet showing Florida being blown off the map by a death star. The offense for which Florida was sentenced to death by Judge Noah? Voting for Trump in this election.
Is this behavior acceptable or even laudable to those on the left. Before you dismiss it as "just as joke," let me remind you that a "joke" is when one person makes a statement and other people laugh. Tell me how many people laughed when they saw this.

This is the epitome of why this country is so divided. When did hating people because you disagree with them become accepted as legitimate political discourse? By the way, I live in Florida but I am not threatening retaliation against this young punk.

If the left REALLY believes in tolerance and diversity, they would condemn this action publicly, loudly, and unequivocally. Are there any users from the left who can voice something rational about this?
Does anyone on the left want to defend Trevor Noah now?
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