Who do you hate less in the 2020 elections?

I agree with the comments:
"... regardless of party affiliation. If the votes are not legit, it disenfranchises every voter and it's an assault on our most treasured right..."
I don't care who wins, I hope it's the policymaker that America needs it to be most right now. But I don't like this "shady" election system that has been going on in the recent years. I'm worried about America's future.
Why have they stopped counting votes? Isn't that unconstitutional? What are they buying time for? Why have both parties stopped counting right at the end? Is it like trying to make it more dramatic like a tv series episode that pauses at a critical point until next week?
Why do we have only two sides? What about the other parties? Why do they have so little to say in this? Didn't Washington warn America not to create division by taking sides with political parties?
Isn't this much division of the political society harmful for the country? We voted PRECISELY 50/50? WTF! Why vote? Why not just flip a coin? It would give the same results without any costs or drama.
Why have both sides selected such inefficient candidates to represent them in the race for presidency, that when voting you have to think who you hate less? Isn't that insulting to their own party's values as well as the American people? Is the presidency not important anymore? If so, what other important things are they focused on that would be more important than who runs the country?
Why is the constitution being attacked left and right these days and everyone is trying to change the fundamental laws and principles of our country to suit their own needs?
Aren't these people and any other corrupt officials afraid of the broken system they are leaving behind as a legacy for their own children after they die? How will their children have safe and happy lives if America isn't strong enough to protect its children against aggressors?
Lastly, why isn't anyone doing any f**kin thing about it?
Who do you hate less in the 2020 elections?
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