So is the great America finally falling or what?

It seems that either way this election goes the people are gonna be getting there asses kick, if trump wins then riots, crime of all sorts, police killings, and who knows what else could happen due to the up roar of a very corrupt people. If Biden wins, a civil war is the least of our worries right now, America would more then likely never be as amazing anymore. So what happens after this election? That question is on everyone's mine. To me it seems that America is gonna fall, maybe Russia or China will start a war and if hopefully if the people can have a speech that would just rally everyone together, just maybe the people would finally put there bitterness, hatred, unholiness, anger, and many other things away. Black and white people are just so full of bitterness towards each other. Both races do not know how to let things go anymore. It's like these people only see black and white. Honestly i just wanna know if purge is gonna come and if it does, will we ever be united ever again?
So is the great America finally falling or what?
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