The election was stolen and you know how?

Here are the states that over voted registration.

Nevada had 125% vote , you can only have 100% and that has never happened before
Penn 109% , so there were millions of fake ballots or illegal immigrants voting
Georgia had 95% , again impossible , means many people voted more than once.
Wisc 105%
Michigan 105%

There were more over 100%

So, Democrats used a Virus that kills less than 1% to get people to send ballots in to rig the election with false ballots, dead people, illegal immigrants, and multiple voting.

So you Biden people enjoy, but you had to cheat to win. I am still going to laugh my ass off when economy collapses and you fools turn on each other. I will pop me some corn and enjoy this.
The election was stolen and you know how?
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