Girls, Why do women complain about everything?

I am a women, however I do not consider myself to be a feminist. I feel like feminism has turned into women complaining about things that are not that big of a deal. Like feminism before was that we are more than our bodies and now its like our bodies are all women talk about. I also feel like some of the things women are fighting for are unrealistic, for instance some women want free feminine products and their reason is "Its not my fault I bleed every month." it's not our fault we get hungry either but food won't be free and even if they made those products free, they'd just incorporate it into our taxes, because the company has to get paid somehow. Then some want abortion to be free and I agree it should be if you were raped, but if you weren't then you had several choices of birth control yet failed to take it. Then there are women who don't want to be judged when having sex with numerous men, but you have to realize, if you put your business out there, there will be someone judging. I judge men that sleep with a lot of women too, because I do not see the appeal and I do not understand it. People are scared of things and judge things that they do not understand.

Another thing that irritates me is when people (Mainly women) post things like "end sars" or "ACAB, defund the police" I am black and support BLM (Obvi) but the police system will never be abolished or at least not anytime soon. Signing petitions does nothing, posting does nothing. We are against a corrupt government and it is going to take more than a social media post to fix it. Yes, it is spreading awareness, but everyone knows what is going on. If people in Nigera are literally standing in front of sars telling them to stop and they don't listen, what makes people think that changing your profile pic to "end sars" will? It is unrealistic and fake activism.
Girls, Why do women complain about everything?
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