Do you leave fights if the other person is being persistent?

I usually try to avoid fights but this middle-aged man was really rude to me the other way so I confronted him. Basically he tried to get me thrown out of my own condo, as I entered without a key and through an open door instead. But beware that many people do forget their keys and enter through an open door in this place. I have let a few people in with my key like that as long as they looked sane e. g. kids arriving from school. So I was naturally infuriated when this man snitched me to the security guard complaining I entered without the key. I had a short talk with the guard and explained him I forgot my key and he let me in. Then I approached the old man who was still staring at me after making the complaint. I told him his behaviour was unreasonable and he gave me shit about caring about the security of the condo blah blah. Even when I told him it was also my condo, he tried to interrogate me further asking where my key is. I have told him that it is none of his business and that he can’t just yell at me like that. He tried to make it seem like I was being rude as we were surrounded by some bystanders, continuing to talk nonsense and even tried to pressure me into an apology. At that moment I decided this fight was getting nowhere and he was just getting uglier by the minute. So I just raised a hand and left the scene. He kept talking as I was walked off claiming I was “very rude”
Do you leave fights if the other person is being persistent?
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