Do you believe that modern day politicians forget who they work for?

This concept seems to be foreign towards the younger generation of Americans, but the government works for us. When you see the government trying to tax individuals in this country at 62%, that is the point in which we work for them. Why is this being widely accepted? I think that we now have a political system that no longer incentives government entities to work in our best interest. It's been like this for a while, and we're too busy being distracted by so-called system racism, and what offensive statement Trump said on twitter. How have we become such sheep? Our constitution was written to protect us against the government, and there's a reason as to why our founding fathers wanted limited government. Now we have an entire group of people in our country that openly accept socialism and more government control.

We as the people should run the show If politicians don't do their job, then we need to make sure they get out. If they try to infringe upon our rights, we need to fight back and let them know that we're in control. The government infiltration on our everyday life is beginning to become worrisome to me. If Americans don't stand against the tyranny in the next upcoming decades- then I see America collapsing or becoming something that we don't even recognize.
Do you believe that modern day politicians forget who they work for?
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