Why can't people see that in the end, actions have reactions?

Why do people constantly spread hate? I thought people were better then the average animal, but even they aren't killing there own all the time. Humans die faster then any other type of animal out there and its not even from other animals. It's us, we are killing each other off and yet for some reason we can't seem to understand what is going on. I think we all want the same thing, but we do not know how to get it peacefully. We all want to be able to down and relax, be at peace, have a family and know they can walk out at broad daylight or at night and not have to worry about people hurting them or something. Yet the men and women that control the world would rather watch it burn. Why? My personal reason is because while watching certain parts of the world burn, it makes profit, It makes weapons better, it makes medicine better, it makes cars, and many other things better. You wanna know why it makes them better? Its because human's thrive on beating one another. Maybe that as bad as a lot of these countries out there, but we humans at the basic level want to be better. We want a life without worries, we want to be able to walk into a hospital and get care immediately, we wanna go to the best schools, we want this or that. You know what everything i just said has in common? It's the word want. You want this or that, but a lot of people aren't willing to give for it. People are forgetting that this world that we live in is a world that will take everything from you if you aren't careful. Give and take is how humans have been for years, sense the beginning when adam and eve were alive. Eve took a bite out of the forbidden fruit and was given knowledge but at the cost of having to bear children threw intense pain. While adam also took a bite of the fruit and must work the fields and kill animals to survive. This world isn't a giving one, which is why you must take it.
Why can't people see that in the end, actions have reactions?
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