Identity and culture?

Do you think there really needs to be a dismantling of cultural and identity related norms? Not that I think people should necessarily go out of their way to be extraordinarily weird, but it’s like if I’m a straight guy that wants to wear a more feminine color scheme or design on a gender ambiguous article of clothing, is that such a bad thing? Or vice versa? A woman wearing something masculine (which is almost never frowned on might I add)?

I feel like as a 30 something year old guy now I’m *supposed* to have the wife and 2 kids, white picket fence, and all that. I’ve had such great luck with that (no I haven’t) and while I do have an ok job it’s like you show up 9-5, dressed in typical office attire, which is what we’re all *supposed* to do right? According to who? What about what I want to do and what *I* feel you know?

What do you feel on this topic? Why are there so many “norms” and expectations set on us for which people to place judgment?
Identity and culture?
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