Have you ever cut off association with someone who became too radical with politics?

When I say radical I mean the following:
  • Engaging in activism like a full time job
  • Posting nonstop on Twitter and FB your political opinions
  • Getting combative and even violent towards anybody who doesn’t agree with you (even if the other person was polite on how they did it)
  • Engaging in a any violent protests
However people who occasionally post about politics, put up lawn signs, bumper stickers and maybe attend a peaceful rally or two are not “radical” to me. I might not agree with their politics but they aren’t obsessed or interfering with other people’s lives. Who they decided to vote for is non of my business.

I wanted to check up on a old friend but decided not to. She was a moderate liberal when I knew her (I’m a moderate conservative). I checked her Twitter feed and what I saw absolutely disgusted me. Literally every tweet was political and she supports burning the American flag and is behind Antifa.

It broke my heart to see that. She was not like that at all when I knew her years ago. She was very open minded to debate and never supported radicalism.

It’s her life and she can do what she wants. But it was just sad.
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Question #1: how do young people then learn things that already existed years before they were born if not from older people? Since you said that was ridiculous.

If I recall correctly this question was in response to MAGA (trump) hats. That is you are assuming that young people are “learning” racism from older people by wearing MAGA hats?

Of course young people can learn stupid things from older generations. But they can also learn valuable things such as self accountability, respect,
Have you ever cut off association with someone who became too radical with politics?
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