Is this opinion of American politics far too cynical?

To sum it up I feel that American politics, activist and everything in between have become such a pathetic joke that anyone who isn't on the fringe extreme left or right and has to deal with these people who want nothing more then to force the other side to bend to their will are faced with a choice

Watch as all civility in American politics goes out the window, cry at the hopelessness of it all as the country is divided by party lines and secretly wish to be isekaied into another reality...


Recognize it for the joke that it is and use American politics, activist and all the other fools who actually think they are doing something as the punchline they are. Because the people who actually wanna create change and make a difference in the world, aren't wasting their time on useless politics. They are creating, inventing, starting businesses and actually doing something productive with their energy.
Is this opinion of American politics far too cynical?
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