Has CNN ever I mean EVER given Trump credit for anything?

I never liked Obama but I gave him credit for his minor accomplishments (taking out Biden Laden). I remember FOX news speaking favorably of Obama on how he handled it.

But has CNN ever given Trump for any of the following:

  • having one of the best economies in decades prior to the pandemic (including record low black unemployment).
  • diffusing a very dangerous situation in North Korea. Admittedly I didn’t like how Trump kissed Kim Gung Un’s ass. But he is dealing with nuclear threat controlled by a psychopath.
  • taking out terrorist mastermind Solemani.
  • initiating operation warp speed to get an effective covid vaccine. I know vaccines are controversially but NO vaccines at all and perpetual lockdowns sounds like a horrifying alternative.
But seriously has the mass media (including CNN) like EVER said a kind thing about Trump? You can hate his guts all you want but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Just curious
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Not say Trump has made many friends with his behavior. He hasn’t with all his stupid tweets and constant “fake news” accusations (which are sometimes true though). But he vocalized what was in the tip of many people’s tongues for years. The actual way he did it was less than desirable. But it was about time someone called out the disgusting biased of the so called “impartial and honest” journalists in the mainstream media.

At least MSNBC admits their liberal. Fox admits their conservative
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CNN and the NYT claim their “non partisan” which is batshit insane.
Has CNN ever I mean EVER given Trump credit for anything?
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