Lock down - why are you for / why are you against?

So, in many ways, media is a vulture. To simplify. The more views a tv station gets, the more clicks an online paper receives, etc. = the fatter the pay cheque. Why do you think news outlets sensationalise things? Because they're bored. This has been the theme of media/news casting for decades with the reporters - when investigative journalism really existed and they weren't just a bunch of useless twits recycling what everyone else says from behind a computer screen - who went out of their way to find the best stories or were so skilled even a story-line about burnt pancakes became a tragedy made the most money and had the most prestige.

I am saying this because the media has blown COVID out of proportion. Italy. How many of you know that Italians, well Mediterraneans in general, oftentimes live in generational households unlike the average Anglo family. Anglos are very often surprised when I tell them my grandparents & great-grandmother lived with family, despite how being decently off/wealthy to degrees a care home could very easily be afforded, because the concept is all around abnormal for them. So of course when covid afflicts seniors worse as any flu does the outbreak would be worse in Italy. Just as how it was bad in China for the same reason - generational households. Kids with little to no symptoms coming home to far more susceptible parents and grandparents.

So I want to hear reasonable thought out - not recycled media claims as that means you are a well-trained sheep who can't think for yourself. Try to use google for more than figuring out when your local pubs & liquor stores are open... find actual verified fact (such as how doctors / researchers have published 95% of covid victims in Italy had preexisting conditions that contributed to them been worse afflicted) - why you are against or for lock down.
Lock down - why are you for / why are you against?
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