Has feminism ever really changed - Universally?

Look around you. Let's think together n the same friendly tone of your answer.

Are women receiving equal pay everywhere? No, in almost every country of the World that is not true.

Are all women's jobs protected during pregnancy? Not at all - they are almost all victims of all kinds of discrimination, evaluation fraud or outright termination. Still!

Are women no longer victims of violence? No, they still are.

Are women safe from sexual harassment? You know that is not true, and there is a toxic "Oh, boys will be boys" bullshit atitude about it. So, No.

Are women treated equally in courts? No, some are even chided when they sue their boyfriend of husband for breaking their bones. Not at all.

Are women treated the same as men in Religion, Sports, Society, games in general, Courts, Sex, Schools, Birth Control, Hospitals, Stadiums, Roads, the home, the bed, the streets... (do you think you feel the same fear walking a dangerous street at night than a women does)?
Like that part in Bohemian Rhapsody before Oh, Mamma Mia, Mia:


No, no, no,


SO, you see, there are no "current goals" in feminism. The farthest we as a society have ever really allowed to go is being a CEO or Prime-Minister, but even then she can't really choose only women for her cabinet.

We haven't made any real significant, universal since, nothing really as a whole. Don't say the vote. That's a lie, remember there are around 200 countries in the World and we STILL haven't been able to get them to ratify the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

There is really no reason to think Feminism has changed since Simone de Beauvoir, if you want me to lie...
To tell you the truth it hasn't Universally changed since Cleopatra's day. That is the problem. Women rights are seen as a minor category of Human Rights, which is why they were called Men's rights in the first place anyway, before political correctness and hypocrisy became the societal norm for the West.
Has feminism ever really changed - Universally?
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This a question about solutions and possible hints about the future, not Feminism per se. It is a Human Rights question, really! What concrete steps do you think we should take, "all you boys and girls"?
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Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but those are statistically proven facts. I can give you links for every single sentence if you are polite and ask it. If you are trying to make personal judgment on someone from another country who is a complete stranger just for you amusement, might I suggest Parler?
Has feminism ever really changed - Universally?
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