Should there be an anti-vax tax?

Anti-vaxers profit off the herd immunity of vaccinated people, so those vaxed people had to pay money and time to get the shot while the vax-deniers get off like bandits.
They should get taxed for every safe vaccine they deny.
Should there be an anti-vax tax?
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12 d
My sister is an antivaxer, she thinks covid19 is caused by 5G cell phone technology, she even has snake oil RF blockers on her phone, I ask her if it works how is she able to call out or text? She refuses to get her kids any vaccines. Guess she wants them to have measles. 🤷‍♂️
5 d
She is middle class suburban white mom who lives a pampered life, probably gets her news from other facebook middle class white suburban Moms
Should there be an anti-vax tax?
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