Candace Owens said "Bring back manly men." My thoughts?

As some of you know, in response to Harry Styles wearing a ballgown and jacket as part of a cover for Vogue, Candace Owens basically criticized him and said "Bring back manly men", pointing out that societies need strong men to survive.

Do I believe that third-wave feminists and SJWs hate masculinity? Yes. Do I believe that ALL men should be masculine and ALL women should be feminine? No. I think that in America at least, society is pushing men and women in the wrong direction in life. Our boys are being told that being strong, competitive, and dominant is toxic. At the same time, our girls are being taught that having a career is more important than having a family, and that femininity is weak.

But I'm not advocating for a total return to gender roles. I know that some boys/men naturally don't want to be masculine, and some women and girls naturally don't want to be feminine. Some women are more masculine than others, and some men are more feminine than others. And you know what? That's okay! What ISN'T okay is teaching our boys and girls to ignore, act against, and hate their biology.

Considering how much resources America has (food, water, etc), how large the US population is (321 million people), and how advanced our technology is, I don't think we don't need ALL of our men to be manly, or ALL of our women to be womanly. I think that our culture needs a more libertarian mindset. If we just leave men and women alone to make their own decisions, our biology will win in the end. We will see the majority of men being masculine, and the majority of our women being feminine, and the men and women who are the opposite can live freely.

In that situation, we will have more men who are strong and dominant, and more women who are feminine and having families with good hardworking men. Finally, the men who are more feminine, and the women who are more masculine (AKA, tomboys) get to make their own choices without getting shat on. Live and let live.

What do you think?
Candace Owens said "Bring back manly men." My thoughts?
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