How do you feel about the US 2020 election results?

Overall I'd say I'm happy but still there are things I was disappointed about. Now I would classify myself as a progressive and I'm happy that we got a candidate further to the left of Donald Trump elected. Now Biden wasn't my first choice (I was hoping for Sanders or Warren) but unlike many progressives, I never jumped on the "bash Biden bandwagon".

As for the elections in the legislative branch, well I was unhappy about the Democrats losing seats to Republicans but excited about more progressives winning seats. Also, it doesn't look too likely that the Democrats will win the senate majority and a lot of people think that Biden will be completely impotent as president. Well, not really; just because somebody is Republican doesn't mean that they wouldn't agree with some Democratic policies so that doesn't mean that a Republican Senate majority will shut down any liberal policy outright.

But what really pisses me off is how progressives are writing off the polling inaccuracies as being due to "Democrats being afraid to fight hard enough against corporate interests" (i. e. they were afraid to take a position far enough to the left). And this is part of the narrative popular amongst progressives that the DNC prevented Bernie from winning the nomination.

I'm not going to prevent the DNC did Bernie any favors and I'll be the first to say that they suck up to corporate interests way too much (albeit not as much as Republicans). But the main reason that Bernie lost is this: the Democratic electorate in the US isn't as far too the left as a lot of online echo chambers (twitter and reddit) would lead you to believe. And the main reason that the polls were so off is the increasingly authoritarian nature of the party in power (the GOP) who will do everything in their power to disenfranchise the capacity to vote of communities with opposing political views.
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If progressives want to make a change, the main focus of our efforts going into the 2022 elections should be tearing down the policies of voter suppression the American right has installed.
How do you feel about the US 2020 election results?
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