Opinions on modesty and validation?

This is excluding the whole toxic femininity/masculinity debate saving that for a mytake and excluding the sappy story of my proud women empowering moment! (That's sarcasm by the way)

I sit firmly in the screw it catagory of caring about modesty for myself and others.
A guy/girl can wear and do whatever they want as long it's of no harm to others and himself.

Also in the camp of dressing a certain way for certain attention, if I wear a obviously low shirt I'm not gonna flipshit at people staring, touching is a fast track to a broken nose but looking is "fine".

If I choose to dress sexy it's for myself, unless I'm with a guy then its purely because I felt like saying fuck it and dolling up but IMPORTANTLY accepting stares, glances and comments but not taking them to heart.

These are MY views and this is the key part, THEY DONT MAKE ME BETTER OR WORSE THAN ANYONE, I'm not "better" than someone because I feel free to show skin the same way a lass who's confident wearing a kini in public isn't "better" than me for showing more skin in the reverse a nun isn't better person for covering up completely.

We all have preferences in people, some like fat girls, bald guys, tall women, short men, dominating women, submissive men, women who show no skin and women who show skin, I'm tired of BOTH men and women trying to one up each other by putting the other down
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Wrote this at 5:30 on a treadmill so forgive my bad writing
Opinions on modesty and validation?
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