Am I too hard on men? And am I too hard on "Black" men especially?

These videos made me think about my own implicit bias. These guys did an experiment with men begging. I mean everyone is going to give to a woman. Even if men don't, women will give to other women who are in trouble or begging for money. But as a rule, I don't give money to men. Especially other "Black" men. I guess when I became Conservative, I just saw it as counterproductive. That if I gave to a "Black" man was contributing to his delinquency. But giving to women, I never thought about it. Especially to kids. Then "Black" women and "Black" kids, I wouldn't even hesitate. I would just dig down, find whatever and give it to them.

On youtube, there is a video for "White" man and a "White" teen. Both were begging. The "White" teenager was a plant. Almost everyone gives him money while ignoring the "White" guy. There is even a woman who stops by and harasses him. They need to find and charge that woman with assault. But even as he couldn't get anyone to give him money, he shared some food with the teen. It was great to see the where they reveal they were filming him and they give him all the money that went to the teen and give him an extra two hundred dollars.

In the second video, it is typical "White" male vs "Black" male. I don't have to go into what happened. Sufficed to say I have got to stop assigning negative motives to "Black" men who are begging. I mean even "Black" people gave to the "White" homeless man. And didn't give anything to the brother.

At my job site, there are a number of homeless guys out begging every single day. On one street, it is mostly "Black" males. The next two streets it is mostly "White" ones. One guy has a sign that says "Hungry as fuck". I won't ignore them anymore. I will ask each one on a separate day to accompany me to McDonalds for a meal. And I will pay for whatever they want to eat and film them with their permission of course. Then I will try to change my behavior towards them going forward.
Am I too hard on men? And am I too hard on "Black" men especially?
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