What covid related trends / rules are here to stay even when covid leaves?


obviously more options than the ones i listed , decided to focus on a few of the most obvious. trends and habits which have increased due to covid rules or restrictions/ less interactions with people in general or in public.

online shopping , obviously this trend was increasing pre covid , only became more widely used as people couldn't go to stores in person or didn't want to

same for online dating , already here pre covid but more people felt obligated to use it if they couldn't find someone in person if there was no events or places to do that

buffet restaurants have mostly been closed since covid , places also aren't allowed to give out free samples and grocery stores only sell pre packed baking , can't buy single items from displays anymore

bars/restaurants have to space tables out more , before covid it be common for bars to crowd dozens of people along a bar rail area , don't see that coming back even when covid leaves , doubt that will be allowed , also likely to be capacity rules limiting # of people inside and how close they can be to each other

less physical money / cash being used , credit / debit already heavily used pre covid but some places stopped taking cash so it increased more

anything else that i missed? sure there is other trends out there i didn't mention
increase in Online Shopping over in person stores
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increased reliance on Online dating options over meeting people in real life
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decline /closure of buffet restaurants , no free samples , pre packed baked goods only
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no crowed bar seating allowed , restricted capacity at nightclubs
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less physical money more debit / credit cards
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other please explain
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What covid related trends / rules are here to stay even when covid leaves?
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