Choose this... or that [Part II]?

Choose this... or that [Part II]?
Choose this... or that [Part II]?
Between each pair of items, choose which you most like, prefer, or relate to:

1. Beach or mountain?
2. Bridge or boat?
3. Animal park or amusement park?
4. SUV or sports car?
5. Inside or outside?
6. Camping or 5-star hotel?
7. Sun dress or cocktail dress?
8. Leather or lace?
9. Lazy Sunday or Friday night?
10. Good morning or good night?
11. Kiss or hug?
12. Serious or playful?
13. Race horse or unicorn?
14. Spontaneity or plan?
15. Systematic or chaotic?
16. Short story or novel?
17. Movie star or character actor?
18. Christmas or Halloween?
19. Rudolph or Abominable Snowman?
20. Cozy or sleek?
21. Candle or sunlight?
22. Simple or in-depth?
23. Innovation or tradition?
24. Instinct or reason?
25. Concise or verbose?
26. Justice or vengeance?
27. Beauty or intelligence?
28. Sweet or wise?
29. Infinite or finite?
30. Forever or for now?

Bonus question: Which was the most difficult to answer and why?

This was the first game: Amanda's Game: Choose this... or that?
Choose this... or that [Part II]?
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