Save the planet by ending consumerism?

How about this.
Instead of stuff failing constantly, by design.. things are made to last... like they used to.
You get one electric car and a frigerator, etc.. It's designe dto last and when it breaks, can get parts to repair it. That's how it used to be. My relatives 1950's fridge is still working. Try that with your brand new shiny Samsung piece of $!@# fridge. Won't last 5 years. I know... they recycle it back again, maybe. Takes energy to do that folks... pumping out pollution like you wouldn't believe to produce all this disposable junk and bury it.
Save the planet by ending consumerism?
Paper cups at starbucks with disposable bags. What? No, you bring your own sack and cup that you washed and get it refilled. Or they have them on location. What the hell.. that's how used to be and was very efficient... in materials. Grandpa did just fine and lived a long time.

This going to be a big shock to the economy though and how to manage all that... I don't know.

How do you solve the economic equation... cause going to be a lot of people out of work.
Save the planet by ending consumerism?
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