Do you view the capitol hill protesters as typical Americans?

I'm going to call them protesters rather than rioters to keep things fair. One thing I noticed was the large number of American flags being carried. To me this suggests they see themselves as "real Americans" and the people they protested against as not so. It also suggests they were sending a clear message to the world that they were the true America.

We see the same thing here in the UK. People fly the flag as to say if you don't support my viewpoint then your not patriotic. Anyone who disagrees with the flagbearer is a traitor. Its not a logic I agree with but you often see it's effectiveness.

There is a stereotype that Americans are loud, opinionated, brash and overly patriotic. I'm sure that's not really true but seeing hundreds of flag wavers including one dressed as a shaman claiming to be real Americans kinda confirms the sterotype in some people's eyes.

Trump called the protesters heros and patriots but do you view these people as typical Americans or just a minority
I'm an American and those were a true representation of Americans
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I'm an American and they don't represent most Americans
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I'm not an American but I think they were stereotypical Americans
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I'm not an American and I think they represent a small percentage of Americans
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Do you view the capitol hill protesters as typical Americans?
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