We've lost an officer, will you pray for him?

During the capitol protest, which took a violent turn into a riot on January 6th in DC, I have now seen confirmation that the inexcusable and brutal violence that took place there has resulted in our loss of Officer Brian D. Sicknick. According to a press release on the matter that came from the US Capitol Police website, he was attacked very violently during the storming of our capitol and while it doesn't state exactly what caused his death, it is stated that he collapsed upon returning to his division office and was taken to the hospital, he didn't make it. His death is currently under investigation and I pray that his family receive justice and that those responsible for his murder are punished greatly for what they did to him and his family. I ask that we lay political affiliations aside and focus on directing our support to this fallen officer and his family who are currently mourning the untimely demise of Officer Brian D. Sicknick and pray for them. Rest in peace and thank you so much for all that you've done to keep our communities safe, your death will not be forgotten and those responsible will pay in full for it in this life or the next.
Weve lost an officer, will you pray for him?
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According to the family, he was pepper sprayed, beaten unconscious, dragged into a crowd and beaten in the head with a fire extinguisher. He died in the hospital from a brain clot due to the damage done when he was beaten with a fire extinguisher.
We've lost an officer, will you pray for him?
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