Twitter has permanently banned Trump for "incitement of violence". Do you agree with it?

Trump has been permanently banned by Twitter. While the ban was praised and many congratulated Twitter for finally taking action against Trump's speech especially Joe Biden who has said he wants companies like Facebook and Twitter to do more to take down hate speech, fake news and wants to repeal Section 230, a law protecting social media companies from being sued for the things people post. There is also others who disagree. German leader Angela Merkel who said the ban was problematic and the President of Mexico who said that he doesn't like anybody being censored. Others have also called out Twitter for being bias against Trump and not banning people like the Iran Prime Minister who defends executing gay people in Iran and a few others as well. Many others fear that this allows corporations and people with power to abuse this as they want social media to be treated as "publishers", rather than platforms meaning much more regulation as in what kind of speech is allowed and that would allow “fake news,” which risks being selectively used as a political tool against political opponents. There also others who are critical of Twitter for the rampant toxicity on the platform. What do you think? Do you agree with Twitter banning Trump or do you think this will effect debates and conversations on social media?

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Twitter has permanently banned Trump for incitement of violence. Do you agree with it?
Yes, I support the ban and also speech regulations.
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Twitter has permanently banned Trump for "incitement of violence". Do you agree with it?
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